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Water Heater Replacement Installationin Tinley Park, Naperville, IL and Surrounding Areas

Having hot water is a vital part of everyday life. It’s essential for bathing, cooking, and doing dishes. Water heaters run in the background and provide a constant supply of hot water. However, occasional maintenance is needed to extend the life of your water heater and prevent it from increasing your electricity costs. In addition, there are times when installing a new water heater may be the best choice for your family’s needs and budget.

Water heater replacement and installation

Water Heater Installation and Disposal

Many homeowners are fortunate to be able to go years without having to think about water heater replacement. Waiting until your water heater breaks isn’t the only time to consider water heater replacement installation, though. You may have noticed that your energy bill keeps increasing, or you always seem to run out of hot water too quickly. There are new water heaters designed both for greater capacity and for higher energy efficiency.

Our water heater replacement installations are full service. We provide both installation and disposal, and you should note that your garbage man won’t take your old water heater no matter how much you tip him. Our water heater replacement options include the following:

  • High-capacity tank-type water heaters
  • High-efficiency heat pump water heaters
  • Tankless water heaters
  • Solar water heaters
  • Furnace or boiler water heaters

Water Heater Maintenance and Service

You know to conserve water, but did you know that your water heater is always working to keep water hot and ready for use? Making sure its electrical and mechanical components are in top shape will help you to save on your energy bills. We recommend routine maintenance every six months, and our service plans include the following tune-up checklist tasks:

  • Pressure valve check
  • Tank flush
  • Pilot light check
  • Inspecting electrical components
  • Checking for leaks and drips

Water Heater Repair

If you turn on the faucet, and there’s no hot water, allow it to run for a couple of minutes, check the power, and wait for your water heater to warm up again if your power was off. If you still can’t get hot water, give us a call. We know how important hot water is to you and provide 24-hour emergency assistance at no additional charge.

Our experienced technicians will diagnose the problem, provide an estimate to repair it, and provide the cost and potential energy savings of a replacement unit. Once you’ve decided what option is best for your needs and budget, our team will get the job done as quickly as possible while making sure the work is done in a manner that ensures maximum energy efficiency and longevity.

Whether you need water heater replacement, maintenance, or repair, contact us today. We proudly serve all of Chicagoland and the surrounding areas.

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