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Staying warm and cozy during cold winter months is a top priority for many home and business owners in the suburbs of Chicago, IL. You rely on a furnace, boiler or heat pump to provide pleasantly warm air on even the coldest of days. If you’re considering buying a new heating system or need to have a furnace or heating repair performed, it’s essential that you work with a licensed furnace contractor. Our contractors will work diligently to ensure that your heating system provides reliable service in your home or business.

When it comes to home or business heating, you have many different heating repair options. Choosing the right heating unit and keeping up on maintenance is key to ensuring that you’re comfortably warm in your home or business even when it’s freezing outside.

Technician working on heating services

Heating Installation

Many homeowners choose to buy newer, more efficient heat pumps, furnaces, and boilers so that they can control energy usage and cut their electricity bills. If you’re buying a system for the first time or are having your current heating system replaced, call a Climate Master Mechanical Contractors, Inc. furnace contractor. We will install the heater to factory specifications and will ensure that it is properly ventilated. Your contractor will also calibrate the heater after it’s installed to make sure that your new device is providing the most efficient service possible.

Furnace, Boiler, & Heat Pump Maintenance and Service

Scheduling regular furnace, boiler, and heat pump maintenance is extremely important. During a maintenance check-up, a professional technician will evaluate your unit to ensure that it is working as designed. Your technician will identify any possible mechanical problems and suggest repairs. Preventive maintenance includes all the following tasks:

  • The heating unit will be thoroughly inspected.
  • Electrical wiring and fuel lines will be carefully checked.
  • All heater components will be cleaned and lubricated as necessary.
  • The air filter will be inspected.
  • The pilot valve will be cleaned and the pilot light will be checked when applicable.
  • Equipment will be calibrated according to manufacturer standards.

Heating Furnace Repair

A mid-winter heater or furnace breakdown is stressful. When it happens to you, call your reliable Climate Master Mechanical Contractors, Inc. furnace, boiler, and heating repair contractor. After all, heating repairs can’t always wait. Be sure to make note of any signs that your heater is on the fritz so that you can provide your technician with as much information as possible. In general, it’s a good idea to have your furnace serviced during fall so that any potential issues can be caught and fixed before temperatures drop.

At Climate Master Mechanical Contractors, Inc., we know that it can be difficult to choose a heating repair contractor. That’s why we’re proud to provide comprehensive heating services to both residential and commercial customers. No matter your heating needs, we can help you.


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