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Saving energy isn’t only about reducing how much you use your heating and cooling system and making sure you turn off the lights when you leave a room. Your home’s construction can also play a huge role in how much energy you use to keep your home comfortable. A blower door test checks its air tightness and makes sure you aren’t sending freshly heated or cooled air outside or drawing unwanted outside air into your home.

Blower door testing

Why You Need Blower Door Testing

Homebuilders have only recently become aware of the need to consider airtightness and weatherization in home construction. Homes that were built before the late 1970s were often constructed without any attempt to stop energy leaks. Homes built after that era can still develop energy leaks over time as weatherization features such as window seals, weatherstrips under doors, and attic insulation wear out.

Many of these leaks are too small to be seen or cause a noticeable draft, but still allow for a considerable amount of air to flow into or out of a home. A blower door test measures the airflow through a home and can help determine how much energy is being wasted because of these leaks. It can also help an HVAC contractor to find and repair each leak to prevent future energy loss.

How Blower Door Testing Works

A blower door is a special fan that is placed in a doorway and has a device to monitor pressure changes. Before the test, the home is sealed completely by making sure all windows and doors are shut. One exterior doorway is left open so that the blower door can be placed inside. The area around the fan is also sealed so that that doorway is airtight.

Once the fan is in place, it is used to depressurize the house until a set pressure difference between the inside of the home and the outside is reached. The airflow needed to maintain this pressure is used to measure the energy leaks in the home. If the results of the test show that there are leaks, the contractor can determine the location of the leaks and mark them for repair. Once repairs are complete, another blower door test can be conducted to make sure no leaks were missed.

If you’re looking to reduce your home energy use, contact Climate Master Mechanical Contractors, Inc. We perform blower door tests throughout the Mokena area and can perform the repairs you need to get rid of energy leaks.

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