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Can HVAC Zoning Improve Cooling Efficiency?

There are several ways to improve the efficiency of the HVAC system in your Mokena, Illinois, home. Changing the air filter regularly increases the efficiency by ensuring it doesn’t endure airflow problems. Regular maintenance also increases efficiency by making sure all parts are working as they should. Another way to increase HVAC efficiency is by upgrading to zoned cooling and heating. HVAC zoning improves efficiency by allowing you to maintain different temperatures in different parts of your home and by reducing wear and tear.

How HVAC Zoning Works

With HVAC zoning, you have various indoor air units installed throughout the home. These units typically mount high on the wall or suspend from the ceiling. Each unit has its own programmable or smart thermostat. You can set each thermostat to a different temperature to accommodate your specific cooling needs.

You can also take advantage of HVAC zoning without installing multiple ductless systems. Instead, you can install dampers into the ductwork to help control how much cooled air passes through to each room of your home.

Maintain Different Temperatures

HVAC zoning is particularly beneficial in larger homes with multiple stories. If you’re home has a basement, but you don’t spend much time in it, there’s not much reason to cool that part of the house. With zoned cooling, you can keep the basement at a more moderate temperature. As a result, you can avoid wasting energy and money on cooling living spaces that you barely use.

Sustain Less Wear and Tear

Zoned cooling increases HVAC efficiency by not making the system work so hard to cool the entire house. Instead, it only has to work to keep the parts of your home you want at a lower temperature. Because the system isn’t working around the clock to cool the whole home, this reduces wear and tear on the system. With less wear and tear comes greater efficiency.

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