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  • History

    Tinley Park was first settled by a diverse mix of European immigrants during the early part of the 19th century. Although it had occasionally been occupied by members of the famed Potawatomi Tribe, the area lacked the water resources and hunting grounds necessary to support a permanent settlement. However, its rich soils and predictable weather patterns sat well with the German and Irish farmers who eventually settled it. By the turn of the 20th century, Tinley Park had officially been incorporated as a village and hosted a growing business community. After the twin shocks of the Great Depression and World War II, the village became a popular destination for middle-class families from Chicago and neighboring cities. It remains popular with such families to this day.


    Tinley Park is located about 20 miles to the southwest of Chicago. It sits near the intersection of several major thoroughfares, including Interstates 80, 57 and 294. Although the village’s land area appears to be flat or gently rolling, it lies on top of an extended area of relatively high relief known as the Valparaiso Moraine. Like many other such ranges in northern Illinois and Indiana, the Valparaiso Moraine was formed by retreating glaciers during the most recent ice age. It’s thought that these glaciers are partially responsible for the legendary fertility of the region’s farmland.

    Population and Demographics

    Tinley Park has a population of around 60,000. This makes it one of the largest incorporated villages in the Chicagoland region and one of the 30 largest municipalities in the entire state of Illinois. Although Tinley Park is home to a number of recognizable businesses and features a retail-rich downtown shopping district, many of its residents continue to work in neighboring cities and villages like Orland Park, Bolingbrook, Juliet and Chicago. With an excellent school district and plenty of family-friendly institutions, Tinley Park is a popular destination for transplanted families.

    Things to Do in Tinley Park, Illinois

    Visitors and residents alike can find plenty to do in Tinley Park. Downtown Tinley Park is regionally renowned for hosting regular performances by the Tinley Park Community Band, a multicultural jazz band that offers new takes on classic favorites. The downtown area is also famous for its “Benches on the Avenue” attraction. As the name suggests, Benches on the Avenue is a network of benches and seats that line the village’s walking and biking trails. Thanks to popular local clubs and courses like Midlothian Golf Club and Pine Ridge Country Club, local golfers are sure to stay busy during the warm months. Meanwhile, nature lovers can hike or jog through the Palos Forest Preserve and Swallow Cliff Woods.

    Climate and Weather

    Like the rest of the Chicagoland region, Tinley Park experiences a humid continental climate that’s characterized by warm, sometimes wet summers and cold, moderately dry winters. Since Tinley Park is safely outside of Lake Michigan’s lake effect zones, the city rarely sees the heavy bouts of snow that affect cities to the east and northeast. However, it does get a decent amount of snow between November and April. During the transitional seasons, precipitation generally falls as rain and can be heavy at times. The warmest months of the year tend to feature brilliantly sunny days and the occasional strong thunderstorm.

    Air Conditioning Repair in Tinley Park, Illinois

    For over two decades, Climate Master Mechanical Contractors, Inc. has provided residents and business owners in Tinley Park with a wide range of HVAC services. The company employs licensed, insured air conditioning service technicians who have up-to-date NATE certifications and adhere to the highest standards of professional conduct. Whether Climate Master Mechanical Contractors, Inc.’s clients need to install a complex new central air conditioning system in a newly built commercial structure or wish to retrofit a historic building to accommodate energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment, these professionals can be trusted to perform top-notch work on tight schedules. What’s more, they’re available at all times of the day and night to assist with emergency breakdowns or fulfill the terms of Climate Master Mechanical Contractors, Inc.’s scheduled maintenance agreements.

    In addition to performing high-quality air conditioning repair services, Climate Master Mechanical Contractors, Inc. sells top-of-the-line systems and equipment from Bryant. As a leading HVAC manufacturer, Bryant backs all of its products with comprehensive warranties that can be further enhanced with Climate Master Mechanical Contractors, Inc.’s service guarantees. Moreover, its systems are recognized as the most durable and efficient on the market. From quiet wall-mounted systems and efficient furnaces to powerful central air systems and innovative geothermal water heaters, there’s a Bryant HVAC system for everyone. Tinley Park can breathe just a little bit easier with Climate Master Mechanical Contractors, Inc. at its side.

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