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  • History

    Like much of the rest of the Chicagoland area, Oak Forest remained virtually uninhabited until the late 19th century. During the early 20th century, the city was the site of the famous Oak Forest Infirmary and boasted a significant population of tuberculosis patients. Before the area developed into a suburb of Chicago, it was also the site of one of Cook County’s “poor farms.” By the middle of the 20th century, increasingly robust transportation connections to Chicago attracted middle-class residents in droves. Although growth slowed by the turn of the 21st century, Oak Forest remains a family-friendly community that welcomes people from all walks of life.


    Oak Forest is located about 20 miles to the southwest of Chicago’s Loop district. It’s part of a broad region that’s known locally as Southland and enjoys close transportation connections to Chicago as well as the broader Midwest. Local roads and highways include Interstates 80, 94, 294 and 57. Physically, the city is almost completely surrounded by preserved areas of forest and oak savanna. It’s developed areas consist of a mix of medium-density residential development and suburban-style commercial zones. In recent years, some condominium and apartment complexes have been built near its core.

    Population and Demographics

    Oak Forest has a population of just under 30,000. As a “mature” suburb, the city hasn’t experienced significant population growth in several decades. Since most of its land area has been developed, it’s unlikely that it will grow quickly for the foreseeable future. Most of Oak Forest’s residents work in white-collar occupations like finance, legal services and information technology. However, a few blue-collar neighborhoods remain on the city’s margins. Local families appreciate the excellent school system.

    Things to Do in Oak Forest, Illinois

    Oak Forest has a wealth of local assets. Golf fans can visit the George W. Dunne National Golf Course for a quick round or wait for the national tournaments that use the facility as a staging ground. Midlothian Country Club offers top-notch golfing opportunities as well. For outdoorsy folks, several surrounding Cook County Forest Preserves boast miles of hiking trails and world-class wildlife-watching opportunities. For campers, nearby Camp Sullivan has a secluded feel that appeals to weary city-dwellers. Boaters enjoy access to the calm waters of the Chicago River, and sports fans can check out Standard Bank Stadium on Cicero Avenue.

    Climate and Weather

    Oak Forest has a temperate climate that’s marked by four unmistakable seasons. During the winter, prevailing northwest winds bring cold temperatures and occasional snowstorms to the region. The growing season typically lasts from mid-April to early November and permits the growth of a wide range of temperate-zone plants. Oak Forest’s transitional seasons tend to be breezy, sunny and pleasant, but unseasonable storms can occasionally pose problems. Summer is warm and often humid. Thunderstorm activity is widespread during the warmest months.

    Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in Oak Forest, Illinois

    For more than two decades, Climate Master Mechanical Contractors, Inc. has provided heating and air conditioning service, repair and installation for residents and business owners in Oak Forest and beyond. The company’s NATE-certified, Illinois-licensed technicians are capable of performing a full range of services for large and small clients. From residential and commercial installations to refrigeration repairs, duct maintenance and indoor air quality audits, these professionals perform their work with dignity and pride. To handle unexpected emergencies and attend to urgent repairs, Climate Master Mechanical Contractors, Inc. keeps a team of technicians on call at all hours. The company also offers annual maintenance visits that save time, money and stress.

    Climate Master Mechanical Contractors, Inc. isn’t just Oak Forest’s go-to resource for HVAC repair and service. The company stocks a comprehensive lineup of Bryant heating, cooling and air quality systems at the region’s most competitive price points. As a factory-authorized dealer, Climate Master Mechanical Contractors, Inc. has access to efficient, cutting-edge models and provides its employees with top-notch training in their installation, repair and maintenance protocols. In addition to powerful furnaces, central air systems, water heaters and air purifiers, Climate Master Mechanical Contractors, Inc. also stocks accessories like programmable thermostats, filters, insulation and climate system remotes. With Climate Master Mechanical Contractors, Inc., Oak Forest enjoys year-round comfort.

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