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New Lenox, IL

New Lenox, IL Air Conditioning Repair & Service

Located in Will County, Illinois, New Lenox is home to a diverse group of residents who enjoy small-town living with all the conveniences of the big city just a stone’s throw away. Visitors to New Lenox will find themselves immersed in the warm, friendly culture of the Midwest. Both residents and visitors will also enjoy a wide variety of art, culture and recreation activities in the immediate area.

Area History & Geography

The area where present-day New Lenox is located was first settled by Europeans in the 1820s. Prior to the arrival of these explorers, it had been inhabited by several native groups who built communities close to Lake Michigan. While the New Lenox Township was first founded in 1852, it wasn’t officially incorporated as the Village of New Lenox until 1946. The village still boasts its original motto: The Home of Proud Americans.

New Lenox is located about 40 miles southwest of Downtown Chicago. Joliet lies approximately seven miles to the west of New Lenox and provides a getaway for residents who want to soak in theater, dance and other performing arts events. Lake Michigan is a short drive northeast of New Lenox. The village offers easy access to U.S. Route 30 and Interstates 80 and 355. Metra Rail also runs commuter lines from New Lenox to downtown Chicago.

Attractions, Diversions, and Entertainment in New Lenox

Visitors and residents alike never run out of things to do in and around New Lenox. Thanks to its proximity to Chicago, sports fans can enjoy a wide variety of professional games. Arts and culture enthusiasts can also visit Chicago’s many museums and theaters. Of course, those who want to stay closer to New Lenox can take in a show at the Rialto Square Theatre in nearby Joliet. The village also offers a series of Triple Play Concerts featuring major recording artists throughout the summer.

Outdoor enthusiasts will also find plenty to keep them busy in New Lenox. Those who are interested in exploring the great outdoors can walk the shores of nearby Lake Michigan or explore the Hickory Creek Barrens. Special events are held at the Hickory Creek Preserve throughout the year. Those who prefer to golf can head to the Sanctuary Golf Course, which features one of the most elegant, relaxing and affordable courses in the greater Chicago area.

The Residents of New Lenox

New Lenox is home to approximately 25,000 residents. While the town is not as diverse as other Chicago suburbs, new families are slowly moving in and bringing their own cultures to the area. Most of New Lenox’s residents are employed in private firms in the village and the surrounding areas. The New Lenox School District operates a dozen facilities that serve the many children and young people of the area.

Area Weather & Climate

Much like Chicago, New Lenox can experience significant temperature changes from season to season. Cold, snowy winters turn into pleasant spring days. During the summer, the area can see very high temperatures with high humidity levels. Most residents and business owners have regular air conditioning repair and air conditioning service performed to ensure that they can enjoy a high level of comfort indoors year round.

Climate Master Mechanical Contractors, Inc. in New Lenox, IL

Staying comfortable is key to enjoying your time in New Lenox, IL. At Climate Master Mechanical Contractors, Inc., we are proud to provide for the needs of both residential and commercial customers throughout the New Lenox area. We can assist you whether you are in need of air conditioning repair or want to schedule regular air conditioning service.

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