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climate-master-mechanical-hvac.jpgIf you think that buying a new air conditioning system for your Chicago area home is merely a matter of choosing an inexpensive model and hiring someone to install it, you’re missing out. Handling an HVAC replacement in a smart, efficient and cost-effective way can have a lasting impact for you, your finances and your home comfort.

Most homeowners concern themselves only with the first cost of an HVAC replacement. This is the combined costs of purchasing the new air conditioning system and having it installed in your home. In most cases, if the first time costs are low, you’re likely setting yourself up for higher lifetime costs.

Lifetime Costs

Lifetime costs for an HVAC replacement include much more, including all the costs to operate the cooling system throughout its lifetime. It includes monthly energy bills, repairs and maintenance.

A number of factors affect lifetime costs, including the following:

  • Energy efficiency – Think of this as you would think of purchasing a car. If you buy a car that only gets 20 miles per gallon, you’ll pay significantly more over the lifetime of that car than you would with a more efficient car that gets 35 mpg. The energy efficiency of central air conditioners is reflected in the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER). If you get a high-efficiency A/C with a SEER of 18 or above rather than a mid-efficiency SEER 14 model, you’ll reap significant monthly savings.
  • Quality – A name-brand cooling system from a respected manufacturer will last longer and have require fewer repairs than a cheap off-brand model.
  • Professional installation – A number of errors can be made during installation if it’s not being handled by a professional with experience. Central A/Cs require careful assessment of your home’s cooling load before a technician recommends the proper size. An undersized or oversized system will waste energy, perform poorly and eventually malfunction. It’s also imperative that airflow and refrigerant be adjusted and measured precisely during installation.

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