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Possible Causes of Constant Cycling of Your Heater

Are you wondering, “Why does my furnace keep turning on and off?” There are several possible reasons for the problem, and you can start with some basic troubleshooting before you contact your heating contractor for help. It’s important to check things out right away so that your home comfort isn’t significantly compromised for an extended period of time.

Basic Furnace Troubleshooting

One of the simplest issues that can affect your furnace’s operation is also one of the easiest areas to ignore. Your air filter needs to be clean enough to promote the movement of the air supply through your house. A clogged filter can lead to a number of problems, including the short-cycling that you are experiencing. Check your filter and make a change if necessary. Verify whether the problem has been rectified.

Another common source of furnace problems is the thermostat. Check your unit to make sure that it is programmed for heating. Verify that the battery is good. Poor communication between your thermostat and your furnace could be to blame.

Additional troubleshooting steps before contacting your heating repair company should include:

  • Verify that the pilot is lit, relighting if needed
  • Check for an interruption in the fuel supply, inspecting the gas valve and gas appliances in your home
  • Make sure that there isn’t a tripped switch or disconnected plug

You can reboot your system as a last resort in troubleshooting. Lower the heat setting on the thermostat to less than the current room temperature. Disconnect power to your furnace at the fuse box or at the plug. Leave the power to the system off for at least three minutes before reconnecting. Return the temperature setting to a value greater than the current room temperature to create a signal for heating to occur. You can try this a couple of times if it isn’t successful at first. This may reset electronic components affecting your unit.

Additional Short-Cycling Causes

Poor furnace sizing for your home can be responsible for short-cycling. If you have an oversized system, it may quickly heat the structure and shut off. Unfortunately, this may not adequately heat all portions of the house. A bad thermostat could also be at fault. While you may have identified that the battery is good and that the settings are correct, a failing unit could send the wrong signals to your furnace and cause the frequent on and off activity.

You will need to work with your heating repair contractor to pinpoint such issues. A trained professional can work quickly and efficiently to determine whether an electronic component has failed. He can also do a load calculation to determine whether furnace sizing is at the root of your problem.

Having Your Heater Repaired

Climate Master Mechanical Contractors, Inc., is available for 24/7 emergency service if you experience trouble with your furnace this winter. If your troubleshooting has not solved your short-cycling issue, you can contact our Frankfort, IL, team to schedule a service call. We are also available for pre-season maintenance and other heating and cooling needs throughout the year.

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