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Quick Ways to Troubleshoot Home Heating Issues

The idea of spending money on furnace or boiler repair may be frustrating, especially if your budget is already restricted because of high winter heating bills. However, you can take time to troubleshoot before you make that call for assistance. In some cases, simple solutions can get your heating system back up and running without the need to involve your HVAC contractor.

Basic Troubleshooting Tips for Your Heating System

There are two major areas that contribute to minor heating problems. The failure of your system to turn on may seem like a huge issue, but it can often be attributed to an interruption in power or fuel. Check the following before calling for boiler or furnace repair:

  • Electricity – make sure that you don’t have a tripped switch in your electrical box; although your heating equipment may be powered by gas or oil, it requires electricity for some operational issues
  • Fuel – verify that your fuel source hasn’t been interrupted by a utility outage or by the inadvertent closing of a valve
  • Connections and switches – verify that control switches on your unit and plugs to your unit haven’t been disconnected, shut off or otherwise altered

Another important point of inspection is your thermostat. Problems with controls can lead to failure of your heating equipment to respond. Check for:

  • Battery failure – low batteries can lead to problems with the operation of the thermostat
  • Wrong setting – make sure that your unit is set for heating
  • Low temperature – having your controls set lower than the room temperature will keep the heating unit from turning on

With a furnace, you may need to check the air filter and registers to be sure that there isn’t a blockage. Look for a reset switch on a boiler or furnace, and press it to try restarting the unit. An overheating event can cause your system to shut down as a safety precaution. You can also check to see if your pilot is out. The reset button may provide a quick resolution. Some units also feature failure code displays, allowing you to check your owner’s manual for information about the problem.

Contact a Professional

If these steps don’t solve the problem of no heat or inadequate heat, you will need to contact an HVAC contractor to service your system. It’s helpful to consider a company that provides emergency service, especially if your family’s safety and comfort are affected by the failure of your heater to operate.

It’s also a good idea to establish a professional relationship with your HVAC company so that you can head off furnace or boiler trouble in the future. Annual heater maintenance in the fall is an important measure to ensure that your equipment is in top operating condition prior to the onset of winter. The technician servicing your unit will clean heat exchangers, check fuel connections and evaluate critical components of the system so that your potential for a mid-winter problem is limited.

Climate Master Mechanical Contractors, Inc., is available on a 24/7 basis to help with your emergency boiler or furnace repair. We can also provide system maintenance on your heater at your convenience. Contact our Mokena, IL, office for an appointment.

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