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fall home maintenanceTaking advantage of the crisp, cool weather to complete fall home maintenance will help you curb energy costs as the weather cools without sacrificing comfort. Some of these projects will also prevent problems developing during the winter that can harm your home’s structure and your safety.

  • Have the heating system serviced. Considering how hard it’ll run this winter, professional maintenance will improve its energy efficiency. The system check may turn up small problems that could escalate into a more serious problem that’s generally easier to repair before it breaks down completely. The system check should include a ductwork inspection and any necessary repairs so you get all the air you’ve paid to heat.
  • If you use a fireplace or wood-burning heating equipment, have it professionally cleaned. Depending on how much you use it, creosote — a highly flammable deposit that forms when wood burns — can build in the chimney.
  • Check the batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. If your CO detector is battery-operated, check it monthly. These detectors use more battery power than smoke detectors, and they’re the only way you’ll know if dangerous CO is present. When your home is tightly closed in the winter, toxic gases can build to unsafe levels.
  • Clear out the gutters as part of fall home maintenance to prevent water from pooling inside them. Clean gutters drain quickly and will prevent more extensive damage from ice dams that can harm the roof, soffits, or fascia.
  • Inspect the roof for missing shingles or other problems. Water can enter through the roof and cause serious damage to the attic and roof.
  • Take a look at the window and exterior door frames. If you see cracks around the window frames, seal with exterior caulk. Plenty of cold air can enter through the exterior door frames and if you can see daylight, apply fresh. Draft stoppers at the base of the door or door sweeps also help cut air infiltration.

For more information on fall home maintenance for your heating system, contact Climate Masters Mechanical Contractors. We’vee been serving Chicagoland homeowners for more than 20 years.

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