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3 Easy Ways to Improve Air Ventilation at Home

You care about keeping your Tinley Park, Illinois, home comfortable throughout the year. But sometimes your air might start to feel a little stale after you’d had to keep your windows closed and air conditioner running all summer. Now that it’s fall, it’s time to banish that stale air and enjoy better ventilation throughout your home. Here are three ways to improve air ventilation at home:

Open Windows and Doors

The easiest way to ventilate your home is to open the windows and doors. This lets fresh air come in and moves stale air out. Open doors and windows on different ends of your house so that air moving outside will increase the airflow inside your house. That way, you don’t have to operate your HVAC system to move air. However, you could use the HVAC fan to circulate the air better.

Install Exhaust Fans

Another option is to install exhaust fans. Exhaust fans pull air up into your attic or out of your house based on the design. It’s a great way to circulate air and remove stale air. When you have them installed, make sure that you check your duct sealing too. Your ducts need to be sealed airtight to get the most out of exhaust fans and your HVAC system as a whole. As a result, you’ll prevent air and energy loss.

Use Ceiling Fans

Probably the most versatile option is to turn on ceiling fans. They give you the ability to circulate air in a single room. But a series of fans can help air circulate through your house. Check the direction in which your fan is rotating. Most fans can spin in both directions.\

In the warmer months, set the fan to spin counterclockwise (to the left). This will blow air down and help cool you off. In colder months, reverse it using the direction switch. This will pull cold air up and away from you. As a result, it’ll make space for warmer air to circulate down.

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