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4 Benefits of Duct Sealing

Keeping the HVAC system in your Mokena, Illinois, home running well is essential if you want to stay comfortable. It’s also important to preventing high energy costs. Although ductwork gets scant attention, it can be a source of significant problems if it’s not working effectively. However, fixing your ductwork problems can be as simple as sealing your ducts. Sealing your ducts can benefit your home in the following ways:

Increased Comfort

Leaking or cracked ducts can lead to issues with maintaining a consistent temperature throughout your home. If you notice uneven heating from room to room, you may have damaged ducts. Duct sealing can prevent this energy loss and ensure every room heats to the right temperature.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Damaged or poorly insulated ductwork can allow outdoor pollutants, such as pesticides, dust and pollen, get into your home. It can allow particles around your ductwork, such as excess dust and pieces of insulation, to get in as well.

When these pollutants enter your ducts, they’re able to circulate through your HVAC system. As a result, they contaminate the air inside your home and impact your respiratory health.

Lower Energy Bills

When your ductwork is leaking, much of the air will escape before it reaches its destination. In total, leaking ducts can reduce your heating efficiency by as much as 20 percent. As your HVAC system runs longer and harder to compensate, your utility bills will increase dramatically. Having your ducts sealed will improve the efficiency of your system and lower your monthly energy bills.

A Safer Home

Duct sealing can also make your home safer. It can prevent gases released by water heaters, clothes dryers and furnaces from backdrafting through leaks in the ducts. Backdrafting occurs when the gases are drawn back into your home instead of being pushed outside.

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