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If you’re suffering from allergy symptoms in your New Lenox, Illinois, home, you may have poor indoor air quality. Poor air quality often triggers thoughts of smog and outdoor pollution. But indoor air quality can have significant effects on your health, too. Keep an eye out for these warning signs of bad indoor air quality so you can combat this problem in your home.

You Experience New or Worsening Symptoms

Many people suffer from allergies. One of the first signs of an allergic reaction to the quality of the indoor air is a new onslaught of symptoms. Some of the most common allergic symptoms include congestion, headaches, eye irritation and sore throats.

These symptoms are similar to those you get when you’re coming down with a cold, so it’s not always easy to know the cause of the ailment. However, if your symptoms disappear when you leave the house, allergens in your home’s air may be the culprit.

You Smell Unpleasant Odors in Your Home

Odors aren’t always a telltale sign of an indoor air quality problem. But certain smells indicate a potential issue.

If you smell something musty, you might have biological growth in your ducts or hiding behind the walls, which can cause allergic reactions. A duct cleaning can remove the buildup of debris. It’ll also keep air flowing freely and eliminate the odors coming through your vents.

You Continue the Use of Certain Products

Certain types of products release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air. And these compounds can decrease indoor air quality.

If you’ve recently had carpeting installed in your home, the adhesive may be causing your air quality to drop. Other products that may contain VOCs include air fresheners, cleaning supplies, paints, solvents and wood preservatives. Avoid using these products in poorly ventilated areas.

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