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An HVAC system with zoning has a thermostat for each area or zone in your home. By operating a zoning system, you can set different temperatures for separate zones. Here are some of the benefits of installing a zoning system in your Tinley Park, Illinois, home:

Choose From Many Options

You can use zoning in homes with more than one HVAC system. You can also use it in homes with multiple indoor air handlers connected to the same outdoor unit. Other zoning systems have dampers in their ductwork to direct conditioned air where you need it most.

With a programmable thermostat, you can control each zone from a central location or a remote control. Some smart models let you make changes from anywhere with your phone or computer. Others can communicate with motion sensors or video cameras. As a result, they can turn your HVAC system off in empty rooms automatically. You won’t have to remember to adjust your thermostat for lower utility bills.

Increase Your Energy Savings

Having zoning added by a professional is a large investment. Fortunately, you’ll probably get your money back in just a few years through lower utility bills. Reducing your heating and cooling needs also prevents wear and tear on your system, extending its lifespan and helping you avoid expensive repairs. In addition, you can reduce the size of your HVAC system and increase your comfort with zoning.

Enhance Your Overall Comfort

Zoning lets you easily compensate for warm or drafty areas. It also keeps people comfortable by allowing everyone to choose the temperatures they prefer for their rooms. It can improve your home’s indoor air quality by preventing bad smells and contaminants such as pollen or dust from spreading. Zoning is ideal for houses with large windows, more than one floor or high ceilings.

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