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Climate Master MechanicalIf you think one thermostat can comfortably and efficiently control the heating and cooling in your home, you’re vastly over-rating its abilities. A single thermostat, especially in a large home or one with more than one level, can only control the temperature in the location where it’s installed. Other areas are likely to be too warm or too cold. Find out some of the benefits of upgrading to a zoning system.

What’s Wrong With Just One Thermostat?

You could get by having just one thermostat if you were lucky enough to have a home that had consistent climate conditions in every room and on every level. Unfortunately, this kind of home is exceedingly rare. If you have an upstairs area, it likely gets warmer than lower areas since heat rises. If you have a finished basement, it’s probably still chilly and damp when the thermostat signals the furnace to shut down, since the main floor has reached its temperature setting. The same applies to add-on rooms, rooms with cathedral ceilings, areas on the side of the house that get the most sun, and rooms with large windows.

How Does a Zoning System Work?

In a zoning system, a home is divided into two or more zones that have different climate conditions. Typically, this is done simply by designating each level or floor into its own zone, though it doesn’t have to be. A single floor of a larger home, for example can be divided into one zone on the south and west side of the house and another on the opposite side. The system utilizes multiple thermostats and duct dampers that are usually connected to a programmable central controller, though also equipped with individual temperature control.

Benefits of Zoning

With independent temperature control, you can save energy and money by only heating and cooling areas that are occupied. Occupants of your home can set the temperature in their particular zone to fit their preferences, rather than squabbling over the setting on a single thermostat.

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