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Programmable Thermostats Can Cut Summer Energy Costs

programmable thermostatsWhen temperatures rise in summer, energy bills often increase due to cooling needs. However, by using programmable thermostats, you can bring your energy usage lower while still staying comfortably cool. These thermostats cut down on wasted energy.

How Programmable Thermostats Can Save You

Here’s a deeper look at how programmable thermostats can cut summer energy costs:

  • Use energy-saving settings to match the time of day – When everyone is away at work and school, you can keep the house a little warmer than in the evening when people are home. When you plan this wisely by programming cooler temperatures to kick in half an hour before your arrival, you’ll still come back to a pleasantly cool home. You can also program cooler temperature settings at night, as most people sleep more comfortably in cooler temperatures.
  • Use less energy while away on vacation – Most programmable thermostats offer a vacation setting so you can set a specific energy-saving temperature for an extended period. While a home’s climate still needs to be maintained while you’re gone, it rarely needs to be kept as cool as if you were present. Keeping the house a little warmer during this time will save on energy. If you know the exact date you’ll be returning home, you can program the thermostat to bring the temperature back down to a comfortable level just prior to your arrival.
  • Install thermostats properly – All programmable thermostats should be away from sources of heat, drafts and direct sunlight for the most accurate operation.
  • Use them for zones too –  If you have a zoning system, which allows separate temperature settings for different regions of the home, use programmable thermostats in each area. If a zone gets strong afternoon sunlight, it will likely require more cooling than a zone on the opposite side of the house at that time of day. Zones containing bedrooms can be kept cooler at night than other areas of the house.

For more information about how programmable thermostats can cut summer energy costs, please contact us at Climate Master Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

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