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What Are the Advantages of Using Radiant Heating in Chicagoland Homes?

Radiant Heating When winter hits Chicagoland, cold rooms and hot spots are common in homes using forced air heating. While these may seem like an inevitable reality of the winter months, the truth is that you can make your home more comfortable. The addition of radiant heat can help with all of these comfort issues, giving you a comfortable home all winter long. Here are some advantages of radiant heating to consider as you decide whether this change is right for your family.

Better Heat Distribution

Forced hot air systems can have problems with heat distribution. While you can set the thermostat to the temperature you want, the home is going to be heated unevenly, as only the temperature near the thermostat controls the system. Also, a forced air system works by blowing heated air into the room, which will rise to the ceiling leaving the middle of the room cool.

Radiant heating uses a different technology to warm the air in the home, similar to the way the sun heats the earth. This leads to a more uniform heating with the warmer temperatures near the floor rather than near the ceiling.

A Green Option

Another of the advantages of radiant heating is the fact that it’s considered a green heating option. Radiant flooring leads to less energy loss when heating the actual heating source. Also, in homes with high ceilings, much of the heated air is lost near the ceiling, but this isn’t the case with radiant flooring.

Improved Ambient Temperature

Finally, one of the advantages of radiant heating is improved ambient temperature. The perceived temperature of the room, or ambient temperature, is the temperature that makes you feel comfortable. With radiant heat, you can lower the thermostat and still feel cozy and warm.

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