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Radiant Heat Options for Your Home

If you’re wondering how radiant heat works, think of the sun. Just like the sun, radiant heat moves in a straight line. It warms all objects in its path, such as people, floors, walls, chairs and tables. Through electromagnetic waves, radiant heat is transmitted. Radiant heat warms objects instead of the air that you breathe. It is the most healthy and comfortable natural form of heat.

Radiant Heating Options for the Home

The two types of radiant heating systems for the home are under floor heating and radiant panels used in ceiling and walls. Floor radiant systems can use the mediums of air, electricity or hot water. Since air cannot hold large amounts of heat, air-radiant floor systems are seldom installed in residential applications. Electric radiant floors generally consist of electric cables built into the floor. There are also electric radiant floors that feature mats of conductive plastic mounted on the sub floor. Because of the high cost of electricity, electric radiant floors are generally only cost-effective if they have a dense thermal mass, such as a thick concrete floor. When the thermal mass is large enough, it can store heat for eight to 10 hours without the need for electrical input.

Hydronic floor radiant systems are the most cost-effective and popular. These systems pump warmed water from the boiler through a laid tubing under the floor. Some hydronic floor systems have zoning thermostats and valves to regulate room temperatures. Cost is dependent on the floor covering, size of the home and the cost of labor.

Ceramic tile is the preferred floor covering for under floor heating. This is due to the fact that it adds thermal storage and conducts heat well. Carpet, wood and vinyl floors are effective but do decrease the efficiency of the system a bit. If you prefer carpeting, it’s best to use a thin one with a dense padding.

Ceiling and wall mounted radiant panels are fabricated of aluminum and can be heated with the tubing that carries the hot water or with electricity. These heating systems are ideal for supplemental heating and in home add-ons when extending the existing heating system is impractical. Radiant panels have a quick response time because the panels can be individually controlled for every room.

HVAC Products and Services at Climate Master Mechanical Contractors

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