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Are Your Windows Reducing the Efficiency of Your HVAC System?

Every homeowner wants to achieve maximum energy savings with their HVAC system. However, your windows may interfere with your system’s energy usage, causing your cooling and heating bills to shoot up. Here are several ways your windows affect the efficiency of your HVAC system in Tinley Park, IL:

Window Awnings

When sun rays enter your home through your windows, they increase your indoor temperature. This rise in temperature forces your air conditioner to work longer to regulate the temperature in the summer. The longer the AC system works, the more your energy bills will increase.

Using window awnings reduces heat from the sun that gets into your house. According to the US Department of Energy, the reduction can be up to 77% for windows facing west and 65% for windows facing south.

Window awnings provide shading to your windows. Alternatively, you can have custom awnings that shield one side of your home from sun rays. By reducing the heat coming in from the outside, these structures help to reduce the strain on your air conditioner.

Conversely, not using window coverings during the heating season in the daytime helps gain heat from the sun. Using them at night helps keep heat inside.

Window Caulk

Gaps on your window frames cause your home to lose conditioned air. These tiny openings also allow pollutants from the outside to enter your living space, interfering with your indoor air quality.

A home energy audit can help identify these air leaks. Sealing these gaps is inexpensive and keeps you comfortable by eliminating the chances of loss of conditioned air.

Applying caulk is one of the most efficient ways to take care of these leaks. By preventing the leakage of conditioned air, the window caulk protects your HVAC system from overworking.

Window Frames

The type of window frames your windows have affects the amount of heat that gets into and escapes your home. Therefore, the window frames you use influence how hard your HVAC system has to work to cool and heat your space.

Mostly, you’ll find window frames made of aluminum and wood. Wooden window frames are poor heat conductors, hence acting as good insulators. On the other hand, aluminum conducts heat quickly; thus, your home will likely gain excessive heat from the outside if your windows have aluminum frames.

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