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Duct sealing is a very common home improvement project that saves homeowners energy and money. Aeroseal duct sealing is an innovative and patented method of improving the ducts in your Oak Lawn, IL, house to increase energy efficiency, improve indoor air quality and enhance your comfort. Read on to learn about this modern process that might be just what you need to update your home’s HVAC system.

Lowers Energy Bills

Firstly, Aeroseal technology uses long binding molecules called polymers to effectively seal any holes or leaks in your ductwork. Since these particles don’t allow air to flow freely or escape, Aeroseal duct sealing can help to reduce your home’s energy usage by up to 30%. The average savings range from $950 to $1,400, depending on your specific situation.

Improves Air Quality

The airtight Aeroseal technology can help improve the indoor air quality of your home and mitigate unpleasant odors. This process involves little to no odor. Any smells present afterward dissipate quickly. The synthetic nanoparticles fit together so well that stale air from attics, basements, or outside cannot leak throughout your house. Aeroseal sealing can minimize the accumulation of harmful air pollutants and musty smells.

Maximizes Indoor Comfort

Finally, the ingredients used in Aeroseal duct sealant are the same ones people use to make hairspray and gum. Therefore, they’re safe to use in your home. By ensuring there are no leaks in your ductwork, Aeroseal duct sealing can regulate temperature better to decrease humidity and help cool or heat rooms where you feel uncomfortable indoors.

If you’re experiencing expensive energy bills, poor indoor air quality, altered temperatures or increased humidity in your Oak Lawn, IL, home, Aeroseal duct sealing could be the solution. Contact Climate Master Mechanical Contractors, Inc. for Aeroseal duct sealing and any other home HVAC services.

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