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What is an Electronic Air Cleaner?

A healthy indoor environment is important, but keeping your home free of pollutants and airborne materials can be challenging. One of the most neglected tasks of air conditioner care is regular filter replacement. A good air filter does little to improve indoor air quality if it is not changed when it gets dirty and clogged. In addition to affecting performance of your system, a dirty filter leads to a more polluted indoor atmosphere. It’s important to check and change your filter regularly. For more pronounced air cleaning, though, an electronic system a good choice.

Electronic Air Filtration

A traditional air filter uses material to keep particles from moving through your HVAC system. The filter is only as effective as the quality of material used. Varied efficiencies are available for more intensive filtration. MERV ratings on filters reflect this, ranging from five to 12 for central heating and air conditioning systems. Higher MERV ratings are suggested for achieving better indoor air quality. One of the limitations of a traditional filter is the fact that tiny particles can easily move through and continue in the airstream.

An electronic filter uses electricity to charge particles. Air is moved through an ionization compartment so that an electric charge can be applied to particles. A collector plate with an opposite charge attracts these particles. Rather than relying on the limitations of a material, you can use this type of system to ensure the more complete removal of small but irritating particles. You may also find the idea of a germicidal unit to be appealing. This type of electronic air cleaner can capture and kill viruses and bacteria that are prevalent during the chilly Illinois winter.

Some additional benefits of an electronic unit include:

  • Easy maintenance
  • Washable cells
  • Sturdy construction
  • Enhanced circulation
  • Extended warranty options

Installation of your unit

It’s important to work with an HVAC professional to assess the area for installation of an electronic air cleaning system. Incorrect installation can lead to pressure drops. Additionally, your investment in an electronic filtration system includes warranty protections that are generally only valid if the unit is placed and serviced by a certified professional in the industry.

Additional Tips for Ensuring Better Indoor Air Quality

While your installation of an air cleaning system will help your indoor environment a great deal, it’s also important to take maintenance steps to limit air pollution in your home. Preventive care should include periodic tune-ups to adjust moving parts and check for leaks. Important component cleaning enhances the operation of equipment while keeping dirt and particles out of the airstream. Duct cleaning is another important maintenance step for limiting the circulation of pollutants.

Climate Master Mechanical provides comprehensive air cleaning and equipment maintenance solutions to residents of Frankfort, IL. We can do a preliminary analysis to assess your indoor conditions, providing appropriate equipment options to address your needs. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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