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An HVAC warranty can help you with valuable coverage for your heating or cooling system if it fails within the specified timeframe. While your warranty is a good source of protection, it comes with certain requirements. If you’re not careful, you could accidentally void the HVAC warranty in your Oak Forest, Illinois, home, leaving you without coverage when you need it. Watch out for these mistakes so you can keep your HVAC warranty valid:

Overlooking Annual Maintenance

Most HVAC warranties require that you book maintenance once a year to keep the system in prime condition. You need to schedule these tuneups in a timely manner to keep your warranty valid. Regular maintenance is good for more than just your warranty. A regularly maintained HVAC system enjoys better energy efficiency, fewer repair needs and a longer lifespan.

Using a Generic Part

Manufacturer warranties specify that you must use the manufacturer’s parts for any repairs or replacements required. Using an off-brand part will void your warranty and make you ineligible for coverage. It’s crucial that you use the proper parts while your system is under warranty so you can get the coverage you’re eligible for if your system needs a repair or replacement that’s under warranty.

Forgetting to Keep Your Documentation

You must keep all documentation pertaining to your warranty. This will provide proof of coverage should you use the warranty. Keep copies of all your paperwork when you register your HVAC system. Keep all of your receipts and other documentation from repairs and maintenance as well. Store these papers in a single file so you always have them on hand when needed. These will help you if you use your warranty as well as if you sell your home and need to transfer the warranty.

If your HVAC system is under warranty, read the paperwork carefully so you understand all the requirements for keeping it valid. You can schedule your regular maintenance with Climate Master Mechanical Contractors, Inc. by calling 888-376-2450.

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