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4 Signs of a Bad Furnace Blower Motor in Crate, IL

The furnace blower motor is responsible for circulating air around your Crate, IL, home. When it isn’t working properly, your system won’t heat your home effectively, and it’ll experience excessive strain. Learn these four signs of a bad furnace blower motor so that you can address the issues quickly.

Unusual Noises

A key indicator your blower motor is on its last legs are screeching, squealing or even banging sounds. These may indicate that the bearings are going bad in the motor. Having to replace your blower motor is a common issue, since you use it year-round.

Burning Smell

Your system should never emit a burning smell, and if it does, shut it down immediately. There are many parts in the furnace, including the blower motor, that may emit this smell. For the blower motor, a burning smell indicates overheating of the motor itself or the wiring.

Professional service technicians will inspect and test your blower motor twice a year during routine HVAC maintenance. This inspection should identify any initial issues before they have a chance to create excessive heat.

Low or No Airflow

Since the blower motor pushes air through the system, reduced airflow may indicate a bad blower motor. When the motor nears the end of its service life, it may spin slower than it should, circulating less air.

Skyrocketing Energy Bills

If your blower motor has been having problems for some time, you’ll notice it in your utility bills. Yes, the blower itself will raise your electric bill. However, your heating utility bill will also increase as the burner is running longer, consuming more fuel.

It’s hard to tell what in your system is malfunctioning and causing the increase in your energy consumption. Instead of trying to guess at the problem, rely on a professional repair service technician to diagnose and fix it. Call to schedule your furnace repair with one of our NATE-certified service technicians at Climate Master Mechanical Contractors, Inc. today.

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