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Using a solar water heater saves energy, helps the environment, and increases the value of your Oak Forest, Illinois, home. They’re more expensive to install than conventional water heaters, but they’re a great investment because of the utility savings. You can even get a federal tax credit to help with the installation costs. However, you may still need a conventional or tankless water heater as a backup in winter or when guests visit. Here are some of the most popular types of solar water heaters available.

Batch Water Heaters

A batch heater is simple and inexpensive. It has no extra pumps or controls, and the tank sits in the sun, usually in an insulated box with a plastic or glass cover. The water warms up inside the tank, and gravity or natural convection transports water to your home’s pipes.

Thermosyphon Water Heaters

In a thermosyphon heater, cold water moves through tubes below a solar collector. The collector has insulation on the sides and bottom and special glass on top to absorb sunlight. After it gets hot, natural convection moves the water into a storage tank. Then, it goes into your home’s pipes when you need it, just like a conventional water heater.

Indirect Water Heaters

Instead of heating water, indirect or closed-loop systems heat other substances like antifreeze. The liquid passes through tubes underneath a solar collector, like a thermosyphon system, but pumps move it instead of convection. The liquid then passes through a heat exchanger in the storage tank that transfers the heat to the water. After that, the fluid flows back to the solar collector. These systems can work well in freezing climates.

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