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Manage Your Air Conditioner Better with a Wi-Fi Thermostat

A Wi-Fi thermostat connects your air conditioning system to the internet, letting you remotely adjust the temperature in your New Lenox, Illinois, home. It improves energy efficiency and saves you money while increasing the ease and comfort of managing your AC.

Stay Connected to Your System

Forgot to switch off your AC while leaving for a vacation? Want to set your AC to a pleasant temperature before you reach home from office?

Worry not, for a Wi-Fi thermostat allows you to control your home temperature from anywhere in the world. You don’t have to carry your AC remote with you, as you can operate a Wi-Fi thermostat using a smart device. It’s as easy as using any other Android or iOS application on your device.

Save Energy and Money

Though buying a Wi-Fi thermostat initially costs more than a conventional thermostat, it pays for itself through increased efficiency and reduced energy cost. You can program it to suit your daily schedule so that there’s no energy wastage.

For instance, you can preset different temperatures for times when you watch TV, you’re asleep, you wake up in the morning or you aren’t at home. This helps you save money without compromising on comfort. Many Wi-Fi thermostats are even smart enough to remember your preferred settings.

Get Better Accuracy and Features

Wi-Fi thermostats are more accurate with temperature variations of as less as one degree. They let you set text and email alerts for system breakdown, common maintenance tasks like filter change, and temperature fluctuations.

This enables you to take timely action and extend the life of your equipment. Depending upon the application your Wi-Fi thermostat supports, you may also receive several helpful reports on system performance and energy usage.

Whether you’re looking to install a Wi-Fi thermostat or need assistance with AC installation, our certified service technicians at Climate Master Mechanical Contractors, Inc. can help. Call us at 708-597-5470 to request an appointment and get the best value for your money.

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