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IAQ: Why You Should Care and What Products to Buy

When you think of air pollution, you may visualize a smoggy cloud in the air. However, indoor air quality can be just as important of a concern. The invisible pollutants in your home can affect your health, and dealing with them may require special strategies and equipment. Modern technology makes it possible to maintain better control of indoor pollution.

Home Sealing Benefits and Challenges

Modern home improvement strategies and products make it easier than ever to keep air from leaking into and out of your house. You can seal openings at windows, doors and vents with expanding foams, silicone, and other materials to improve the energy efficiency indoors. However, indoor pollutants can become trapped because of the limited flow of air into and out of the structure. Radon, formaldehyde and other industrial and construction gases and materials can be bad news.

Does My Air Filter Help?

While your air filter removes particles from circulation, most filters don’t address the gases in your airstream. Additionally, your filter primarily works to protect your coils and ducts from dirt buildup. More efficient filtration requires high-MERV filters, cabinet filters or air purifiers. The ideal filtration option is an electronic air cleaner with “capture and kill” technology. This type of system uses electricity to charge pollutants so that they can be attracted to collection plates with opposite charges. Bacteria, viruses, fungus and other dangerous materials can be more effectively removed as these systems purify many times per hour.

Additional IAQ Products

Your indoor air quality can also be affected by high humidity levels. Frankfort, IL, homes may benefit from dehumidifiers to limit indoor moisture levels. Advanced air conditioners may include special dehumidification cycles with ultra-low fan speeds, perfect for keeping moisture condensation occurring without overcooling the interior of a home.

UV lamps are excellent for limiting the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria that can develop on your evaporator coils. The grimy conditions and moist environment in this indoor equipment can be a breeding ground for germs, but UV technology kills at the site.

A carbon monoxide alarm is an important consideration if your HVAC intake and return ducts are near your garage or gas-burning appliances. In fact, the device is recommended for any home with gas burning equipment or fireplaces to ensure protection against the deadly gas. It’s also wise to have a duct inspection on a regular basis to check for leaks. Back drafting of garage and appliance emissions through leaky ducts can lead to dangerous fumes reaching the rooms in your home.

Work with an Expert

Climate Master Mechanical Contractors provides comprehensive IAQ services and solutions to residents of Frankfort, IL. Bryant air cleaners include high-tech trap and kill options for optimum air purification, and we can provide you with an evaluation of your indoor air quality and HVAC system to ensure that the right unit is selected to protect your family. Contact our team to discuss your needs.

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