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5 HVAC Noises That Should Concern You

When your HVAC system is making unusual noises, it requires immediate attention. Whether it’s a snowy winter or a humid summer in Mokena, Illinois, you’ll want to have your HVAC system checked right away. Here are five HVAC noises that should concern you:

Popping or Hissing

The ducts work hard to move air throughout the system. Therefore, it’s only natural they will become susceptible to problems. Popping noises may be due to the age of the ductwork being affected by temperature changes. Hissing may indicate damaged or leaking ductwork.

Clicking or Whistling

If you’re hearing on-going clicking sounds emanating from the system, this may be an electrical problem in the control panel or compressor that needs immediate attention. Like clicking, a high-pitched whistling sound can be a sign of an impending problem such as the refrigerant leaking, which can damage the system. Therefore, it’s vital to get this issue checked and repaired right away.

Scraping or Banging

When a component of the HVAC system becomes loose or broken, it can make a scraping sound when it comes in contact with the inside of the unit. A professional must determine the source so they can repair or replace the affected component before it creates a larger system issue. If the system makes a banging sound, this may also be a sign or a broken or loose component.

Squealing or Screeching

Squealing and screeching usually points towards a problem with a belt that has become compromised and needs replacing. It could also mean a motor bearing is going bad and needs replacing. No matter the case, you’ll need professional help to rectify the problem.

Buzzing or Clanking

A buzzing noise can point to two issues. It may mean there are loose parts within the system causing the HVAC system to vibrate. A more serious issue could mean the motor has worn out and a new HVAC system may be necessary.

At Climate Master Mechanical Contractors Inc., our expert service technicians will check the HVAC system, determine the problem, and either repair or recommend a replacement. Call us today at 888-376-2450 to schedule a maintenance check at your earliest convenience.

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