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5 Heat Pump Noises and What They Mean in Beecher, IL

Heat pumps offer a great way to keep your home comfortable during summer and winter. Unfortunately, they can sometimes make strange noises if something isn’t working right. Here’s what you should know about five common heat pump noises and what they mean for Beecher, IL, homeowners.

Buzzing Noise

If your heat pump is making a buzzing noise, it may have loose wires or internal components. This loose wiring can create an electrical arcing noise, which can be somewhat loud. It’s important to have a qualified HVAC service technician inspect the system and make any necessary heat pump repairs.

Rattling Noise

Rattles are common in heat pumps that have loose parts inside the system, such as screws or nuts. The rattling noise can also happen from the unbalanced fan blade. Schedule a heat pump repair with our service technicians so we can check the fan blade and tighten any loose components.

Squealing Noise

A squealing noise from your heat pump is usually due to a worn-out belt or pulley. It’s important to have the belt and pulley replaced before they cause more serious damage to the system.

Humming Noise

A humming noise is generally normal and part of the heat pump’s operation. The motor functions cause the noise and should not be an alarming sound. However, if it’s unusually loud or starts to change in pitch, it could indicate an issue with the motor bearings.

Clanking Noise

Heat pumps rely on metal ducts that can produce a clanking noise. This noise results from debris in the ductwork or a loose panel. The loud and consistent noise indicates a serious problem with the system that requires immediate attention.

Contact Climate Master Mechanical Contractors, Inc. to inspect the system and make preventive maintenance recommendations if you’re experiencing any of these noises from your heat pump. Our service technicians will diagnose the issue and recommend the best action to restore your heat pump’s energy-efficient performance.

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