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Skipping HVAC maintenance might not seem like a big deal, but this can cause a number of problems in your Tinley Park, Illinois, home. Routine maintenance helps keep your system operating efficiently and protects your family’s overall health. Make sure to choose a skilled and experienced service technician to handle your routine HVAC maintenance. 

Indoor Air Quality 

One aspect of maintenance is regular duct cleanings in your home. When you avoid this important task, all of the debris in your air will settle in the ducts. As a result, contaminants will flood the air you breathe, reducing its quality and putting your family at risk for health problems and allergy symptoms. Poor air quality is especially concerning if anyone in your home suffers from asthma or other breathing conditions since air-quality issues make those problems worse.

Carbon Monoxide

When your natural gas-powered heating system runs, it burns fossil fuels to generate energy and keep your home comfortable during winter. During a regular maintenance service, your HVAC service technician will check all the system’s parts to make sure the fuels are burning properly.

They will also make sure the unit isn’t releasing carbon monoxide into your home. This poisonous gas is odorless and difficult to detect. It can cause serious health problems and even be fatal in large doses. It’s crucial to make sure your system is working correctly to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

Too Much Humidity

A central air conditioner does more than just cool the air in your home. When working properly, the AC will manage humidity and keep the moisture levels under control. Too much humidity can make the air feel thick and heavy, making it more difficult to breathe. 

Protect your family’s health; schedule a routine maintenance service by calling Climate Master Mechanical Contractors, Inc. at 888-376-2450.

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