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4 Habits That Damage Home Air Quality in Beecher, IL

Air quality within our homes plays a pivotal role in our overall health and well-being. Many factors influence the air we breathe, from the dust that settles on our bookshelves to the unseen particles floating in the air. Here are four common habits that might be compromising the air quality within your Beecher, IL, home:

Excessive Use of Aerosol Sprays

While aerosol sprays like deodorants, air fresheners and cleaning products can offer convenience, they introduce myriad chemicals into the air. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), often found in these products, can cause respiratory problems and allergic reactions. It’s best to choose alternatives that don’t release harmful compounds into the air, such as natural fragrances.

Not Regularly Cleaning or Changing Air Filters

A dirty air filter not only reduces the efficiency of heating and cooling systems but also hinders the system’s ability to filter out pollutants, thereby reducing the overall air quality in your home. We advise checking, and if necessary, changing filters every one to three months, depending on usage and the type of filter.

Neglecting AC Repair and Maintenance

When an air conditioning system malfunctions, it affects not only the temperature in your home but also your indoor air quality. For instance, if there’s a refrigerant leak or if the coils are dirty, the air conditioner could spread contaminants throughout the house. Regular AC repair and maintenance, especially in areas with extreme temperatures, are crucial for the system’s efficiency and maintaining optimal air quality.

Smoking Indoors

When someone smokes indoors, the thousands of harmful chemicals from the tobacco smoke linger in the air and settle on surfaces. This not only affects the smoker but also poses health risks for other house occupants. The best way to prevent this is to smoke in outdoor spaces or, better yet, consider quitting altogether.

To improve your air quality in your Beecher, IL, home, contact Climate Master Mechanical Contractors, Inc. today. We offer specialized indoor air quality solutions to address any concerns within your living space.

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