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Having a dirty heating system can lead to a variety of problems, including less energy efficiency, poor indoor air quality, reduction in airflow and premature component or system failure. If the air filters are dirty, less allergens and indoor pollutants are being captured, and the indoor air quality is adversely impacted. Although air purifiers can help with eliminated airborne pollutants, changing the air filters once a month is recommended when the heating system is in constant use.

How to Clean an HVAC System

The best way to clean an HVAC system is to hire a professional since specific tools and knowledge are needed for a thorough job. It’s wise to opt for a full-HVAC system cleaning instead of just a duct cleaning. With an HVAC system cleaning, both the air handler and ductwork are cleaned. This means that important components like the coils, evaporator, heat exchanger and blower fans are also cleaned. Some companies even offer biocide disinfection. In a nutshell, all the heating and cooling machinery is thoroughly cleaned.

Most duct cleaning services will include a cleaning of the main supply and return ducts, vents and grilles, distribution plenums and filter housing. Technicians use periscopes or cameras to visually inspect the interior of the ductwork for dirt and debris. Small entry holes are drilled for entry. Agitation tools like air skippers and hand brushes are used to loosen the debris. High-pressure vacuums are used to suck out the debris and deliver it to a tank on a service truck. HEPA and water vacuums are just two of the specialty equipment utilized for the cleaning process. Once the cleaning process is complete, technicians will run the HVAC system for approximately 15 minutes to ensure proper operation.

How often should you have your HVAC system cleaned? Industry experts recommend a full-HVAC system cleaning every three to five years. Studies have shown that this periodic cleaning increases the efficiency of a heating system and helps keep the indoor air healthier.

HVAC Products and Services at Climate Master Mechanical Contractors

At Climate Master Mechanical Contractors, we have specialized air quality technicians who can test your home’s air quality. We also offer top brand air quality solutions like air purifiers, humidifiers, media filters, ventilators, zone dampers and UV lamps. Customers can save money with our Internet specials for furnace cleanings and HVAC repairs. Be sure to call us in Mokena, IL, for any of your home HVAC needs.

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