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As fall approaches and temperatures are starting to trend downwards, and homeowners across the country are starting to think about home heating and HVAC efficiency. It’s a great idea to prepare your system now to make sure you’re comfortable throughout the coldest months. Keep reading to learn how to boost your home’s HVAC efficiency and find out how you can get comprehensive HVAC service in Chicago, Illinois.

Get an HVAC Tuneup

Your HVAC system needs a tuneup before the changing of the seasons. The demands of fall weather are much different from those of the warmer months. An expert HVAC tech will be able to take advantage of the cooler weather to take the downtime necessary to examine your system and optimize it for the coming cooler months. HVAC maintenance enables you to save money and optimize system performance.

Change Air Filters

One of the most important aspects of HVAC efficiency is airflow, and the best way to promote airflow within your home is to make sure your HVAC air filters are clear. After the heavy system use during the summer months, if you did not change your filter, it’s likely that it is filled with debris. Regular filter changes will allow free airflow and prevent extra wear and tear on your system.

Seal Your Ducts

When it comes to HVAC efficiency, there is rarely any bigger stumbling block than leaky ducts. Before the crisp air of autumn moves in, you should try to seal all the ducts in your HVAC system. Preventing air leaks is a proactive way to keep home heating at an optimal level.

With fall on its way, it is a good idea to start thinking about preventive maintenance to prepare your HVAC unit for the unique stresses the Illinois winter can bring. If you want to boost HVAC efficiency, it is a good idea to schedule a service appointment with Climate Master Mechanical, Inc. today. Our expert technicians can optimize your system so that it’s ready to perform the way it should. You may schedule a maintenance appointment by calling 888-376-2450.

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