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4 Benefits of a Snow Melt System in Tinley Park, IL

When you live in Tinley Park, IL, you know that winter brings about three feet of snow on average, which doesn’t include potential snowstorms and blizzards that bring more. The nuisance of dealing with snow and ice has homeowners turning to ways that make their lives easier. Below are four benefits of buying a snow melt system for your home.

Increases Safety

When you have a snow melt system, you prevent ice, snow and frost from accumulating. This makes driveways, sidewalks and steps far safer, even if you routinely shovel and salt your property. It reduces the chances of you or someone else falling and slipping.

Reduces Need for Chemicals

Ice salt or products that melt ice use chemicals that aren’t safe for you, your home or the environment. Not only can you track the product inside the home and trap it in your carpet or flooring, but it also affects the surrounding landscape where you place it, which eventually finds its way into the groundwater.

Increases Surface Longevity

When you scrape concrete and stone surfaces to remove snow and ice or even use chemical ice melt products, you increase the likelihood of cracking, chipping and spalling. Heating your surfaces to melt ice and snow maintains the original appearance of your surfaces for years.

Eliminates Need to Shovel

The best benefit of a snow melt system is the time you save by not shoveling snow on your patio, driveway or walkway. Not only does it save time, but it helps those who are unable to do the physical labor that snow shoveling requires. You can come home from work after snowfall and not have a problem coming up the driveway.

Don’t let winter get you down this year outside or inside. Contact Climate Master Mechanical Contractors, Inc. today to learn more about our preventative maintenance agreements and other helpful services.

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