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Allergies are a common problem in Tinley Park, Illinois. Culprits like grass and weed pollen often cause seasonal flare-ups through the spring and summer. If you’re suffering from uncomfortable allergy symptoms, consider making a few home upgrades to ease your discomfort this season.

Know Your Allergens

There are several types of irritants that can bother you in the Tinley Park area. Getting to know the most irritating allergens will help you come up with smart plans for avoiding them. Pay attention to the times and places where you’re most uncomfortable.

If your allergies flare up outdoors, look for common irritants nearby. Mulberry trees, pine trees, and grasses are top triggers in the area. Keep your windows closed to keep pollen out of the home. If your allergies flare up indoors, you may find dust, dander and microbial are to blame. Keeping the house cleaner can help ease your allergy symptoms.

Use an Air Purifier

An air purifier like the Evolution Perfect Air Purifier from Bryant can remove up to 99 percent of pathogens and irritants from your indoor air. No amount of cleaning will eliminate dust, dander and pollen entirely. This is where your air purifier can help, pulling these irritants right out of the air.

Change Your HVAC Air Filter

You should typically change your air filter once every three months. However, if you’re suffering from persistent allergies, change your filter more frequently or upgrade to a filter with a higher MERV rating. Try a product like the Legacy EZ Flex Cabinet Air Filter for cleaner air and easier filter changes.

If you want to learn more about how the right indoor air quality products can minimize allergy symptoms, call Climate Master Mechanical Contractors, Inc. today. We’ll help you pinpoint the most likely problem areas in your home and choose new HVAC upgrades and installations to help. Don’t sit back and suffer. Clean up your air and start breathing easier today.

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