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A power outage in bad weather can make your home in Tinley Park, Illinois, uncomfortable. It can also keep you from completing routine tasks like taking a hot shower or using your microwave. A generator can prevent an outage from interrupting your family’s schedule. You can choose a natural gas, diesel, propane or gasoline generator, but they’re mainly divided by portable and standby types. Here are some of the pros and cons of portable and standby generators.

Portable Generators

Portable generators are small and easy to move from one place to another. You can share one with neighbors, and you can set it up quickly and easily. However, storing fuel like gasoline can be dangerous. You’ll also need to plug items into outlets on the generator to provide power. To avoid using lots of extension cords when the power goes out, you can install a transfer switch near your home’s circuit breaker to provide energy to your entire home.

Make sure you place your portable generator at least 10 feet away from your home in an enclosure that can protect it from the elements and provide lots of ventilation, like a gazebo. Placing a portable generator in a garage and opening the door can expose you to dangerous carbon monoxide in the exhaust.

Standby Generators

Standby or whole-home generators can power your entire home, including essential medical equipment and household appliances. They’re larger than portable models, and they’re usually installed on concrete pads in yards, similar to air conditioners or heat pumps.

A standby generator will start automatically when the power goes off. It can keep your HVAC system and basement sump pump working, even if the power goes off while you’re away from home. This prevents water damage, microbial growth and other similar problems. Standby generators are more expensive than portable units, but they’re more convenient and they offer extra protection.

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