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Some people wonder if it’s necessary to invest in duct cleaning in their Mokena, Illinois, home. If you have a system with ductwork, you shouldn’t neglect them. Your home will actually tell you when it’s necessary. Pay attention to these three indications that it’s time for duct cleaning.

Extra Dust in the Home

Extra dust, dirt and debris around your home are all signs that your ducts need cleaning. If you feel like you’re always dusting and getting nowhere, the problem is likely coming from your ductwork.

When dust accumulates in your ducts, it starts blowing through your vents and into your home. Watch your home for excessive dirt, and call your contractor to schedule duct cleaning if you notice it accumulating. Remember to check your air filter, too.

Uneven Air Flow

Hot or cold spots and decreased air flow are both signs of dirty ductwork. When there’s an obstruction in your air ducts, it’s harder for air to distribute throughout your home evenly.

Make sure all your air vents are open, and check if any of the vents blow less air than the others. If your vents are all open and there’s weaker airflow, it indicates obstructions in your ducts. Scheduling a contractor to clean or at least check your ducts is necessary.

Signs of Poor IAQ

Poor IAQ often displays itself through your family’s health. An increase in allergy-like symptoms like sneezing, headaches and watery eyes are all signs of poor IAQ. Considering the health concerns related to poor IAQ, it’s important test your home and clean your ducts routinely to keep your family safe

Keeping your ductwork clean means protecting your family’s health. If your ductwork needs proper cleaning, we’re the professionals to call. Contact Climate Master Mechanical at 888-376-2450 to schedule an appointment today.

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