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Climate Master MechanicalDuctwork plays a vital role in keeping your home comfortable, and ducts are direct contributors to indoor air quality. If you suspect your home’s ducts aren’t performing 100 percent, or they haven’t received much attention lately, a professional duct cleaning could remedy or avert three serious problems.

Strange or Musty Odors

No Chicagoland homeowner wants to deal with a pesky odor problem — especially one that originates within the HVAC system. However, your ducts provide ideal conditions for the growth and accumulation of a variety of pollutants. These pollutants will cause unpleasant odors over time. Your ducts are also a favorite hiding and living space for rodents and other small creatures. The animals can cause odors, particularly from their waste or decaying bodies. If you notice a lot of dirt around registers, hear scurrying noises, or detect unusual odors it’s time to call your exterminator and HVAC professional.

Vermin Infestation

All sorts of creatures can find their way inside ductwork. Over time, duct seams fail and disconnect. There could be damaged ducts with holes. Your HVAC technician could even find dead-end duct runs,or portions of building cavities that are being used to convey airflow. All of these scenarios invite vermin, as well as their unwanted by-products, germs, damage and odors.

Excessive Debris

Air filters are designed to catch particulates and microorganisms like bacteria and fungi in order to protect HVAC components from failure. However, no air filter keeps out 100 percent of contaminants. Debris can become caked and thick, hindering airflow and contributing to poor indoor air quality.

Solution: Duct Inspection

The best solution to these problems, either existing or potential, is a good ductwork inspection by a qualified HVAC technician. You’ll gain the advantage of knowing if the ducts are harming indoor air quality and the occupants, and you’ll also have the opportunity to seal leaky joints and damaged areas, whether or not you need a professional duct cleaning.

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